What Do You Know About Concrete

Concrete Cutting, Poring and Making Patios

Concrete is made of several components which include both fine and coarse aggregates that are bound together by a paste of cement that over time becomes hard. The Aggregates of the crushed rock or gravel, cement and water are measured and mixed in a given ratio to ensure that a suitable slurry is formed without having an excess of one of the composite material. Coherence and bonding of the concrete composite materials occurs through a chemical reaction where the materials harden forming a stone-like material. The chemical process involved is referred to as hydration which results in solidification and hardening. There are other additive materials that can be added to the concrete to enhance the physical characteristics of the concrete either when wet or when the stone0like material is formed.

There are several activities that are involved while working with concrete including concrete pouring, concrete cutting or making concrete patios. The slurry is the one used during concrete pouring since it easily spreadable. A secured wooden perimeter form is necessary to make it on the surface to ensure ease of pouring concrete on the surface. Different materials available locally can be used in concrete pouring since the concrete is quite heavy hence equipment such as wheelbarrow can be used. When pouring concrete, it is necessary to ensure that it is flattened creating a flat surface. The flat surface can be slippery when wet hence various designs can be added to the surface before it dries to make it less slippery. Constant maintenance of the surface will ensure damage is minimized.

Most patios are usually made of concrete. A space outside the house for activities such as dining and recreation which are paved to ensure effective carrying out of those activities is referred to as a patio. The main material that is used in paving the patios is usually the concrete although other materials may be used depending on one’s preference. Patterns and designs can be added onto the concrete while making patios making it look similar to other building materials. Uniqueness of concrete patios can be enhanced by adding base color, accent color and patterns into the concrete. The concrete prepared in such a way is long lasting, does not lose its look and is much cheaper than using other materials to make a patio.

Another activity associated with concrete is concrete cutting. Injuries and accidents can be prevented by using appropriate cutting tools and equipment and also having the right personal protective gear. Tools and equipment used in concrete cutting are usually made of diamond hence the best diamond blade should be selected. Having suitable personal protective equipment is necessary in ensuring that one does not inhale dust produced during concrete cutting.

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